Halo 4 Gameplay + DOWNLOAD Full game for XboX 360

 Halo 4 - FREE DOWNLOD FOR XboX 360 + Gameplay


Halo 4 is a game series you can get sucked into from things like its MP and just amazing unfreakingbeleavable campain but to know the story and be fully in touch with the REAL Halo you have to go back to when you first controlled the spine chilling Master Chief or you just may not get the feelings on how Halo has impacted many but if youve followed Halo since its begining in 2001 you know the thrill of being an Uber Spartan and having the ability to weild any weapon you feal like necause you just can so seeing how how Bungie left and handed their star child over to 343 Industries we know its in good hands so Halo 4 is going to be breath taking..... But I wish if they are going to announce a Legendary Edition Pleaase hurry because I want to change to it but either way it is still amazing


 Halo 4 Gameplay


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive NEW Game Release Official Trailer -Full Game DOWNLOAD

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a web-based first-individual shooter, at present in growth by Valve Company and Hidden Path Entertainment, who moreover administered Counter-Strike: Cause following its discharge. It is the fourth amusement in the Counter-Strike establishment, avoiding Counter-Strike: Neo and Counter-Strike: On the net.

Global Offensive is focused for discharge on 21 August 2012. It should be ready for Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X, Xbox 360 through the Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation 3 by means of PlayStation System. It will emphasize excellent matter, for example old maps, and additionally mark unique maps, elements and event modes. It will underpin matchmaking and leaderboards. An Elo rating framework will prioritize matching players by dexterity. Cross-stage multiplayer was arranged in the middle of Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and PlayStation 3 players, but was after all restrained to PC and Mac because of the divergences in overhaul recurrence among the frameworks. The PlayStation 3 form will accord a few control techniques, which incorporate utilizing either the DualShock 3 controller, PlayStation Move or USB keyboard/mouse.

Like the past amusements in the succession, Global Offensive is a goal based multiplayer first individual shooter. Every player unites either the Terrorist or Counter-Terrorist crew and endeavors to finish goals or kill the adversary group. The amusement manages in short adjusts that finish when all players on one side are dead or a target is finished. Once a player perishes they should hold up until the round finishes to respawn in most amusement modes. Players buy weapons and gear at the starting of each round with cash recompensed dependent upon their display. Finishing goals or executing adversaries gains the player cash while negative activities, for instance murdering a colleague or prisoner, takes cash at a distance from the player. What's more, when a round closures all players appropriate some sum of cash, with players on the winning group getting considerably more.

CS:Global Offensive is wanted to start with Bomb Defusal, Hostage Rescue, and a NEWgame modes called Arms Race and Demolition. The proposed brand new modes are all in all pointed to as "Arsenal mode" and are dependent upon the ubiquitous gungame mod for Counter Strike and Counter Strike: Source. Unlike different amusement modes Weapons contest is a deathmatch-based mode where every player is compensated for every execute with a late weapon, with the first player to get a murder with each weapon in a decided beforehand set winning the game. Obliteration is a round based mode that uproots weapon and supplies acquiring, as a substitute challenging players by giving a set of continuously weaker weapons for every kill. Global Offensive includes revamped weapons and gear not viewed in past portions, most prominently the Molotov drink which briefly blankets a humble region in shoot, making it unrealistic to pass through without taking harm.

Darksiders 2 - Official Trailer + Full Download Link For Free

Darksiders 2 - Full download for free
Darksiders 2 is an action encounter role-playing video game improved by Vigil Amusements and distributed by THQ. It is the sequel to Darksiders and was discharged in Admirable 2012 for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, and Wii.

THQ has affirmed that Darksiders 2's story will occur in the same time period as the first diversion, just this time players will take control of the Horseman Expiration, as a substitute for his blood mate War. The recreation will reportedly happen crosswise over a quite unique group of maps, affirmed to be twofold in combined size to that of its ancestor. The recreation will moreover offer the remaining a few horsemen, Strife and Anger, in some limit.

Darksiders 2 begins at almost the same time as the begin of the first Darksiders. Following War is indicted and sent once again to Earth by the Roasted Committee, they educate the different a couple Horseman of his destiny. The Horseman Demise, knowing that his blood mate War is the most unbelievably good and honest of the four, and could never have begun the End of the world early, flies into a wrath. Accepting his sibling is victim of a scheme, Passing challenges the Gathering's requests and sets out on a private mission to spot evidence of his blood mate's honesty. Passing undertakings to the Under Domains, a spot among Paradise and Damnation, to call in favors from capable creatures that lead the domain.

PES 2013 - the first trailer, innovation and improvements in gameplay + Download Link

As announced, Konami has released the first trailer PES 2013, and thus the first few details of the improvements in the gameplay of the new Pro Evolution Soccer.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2013, a few days ago he got his first real teaser trailer that was announced last week.But aside from the trailer, Konami has not skiped on the information on the new PES game. In a detailed announcement on its official website, developer and publisher of the game explained that the board listened and tried to fix or improve everything that the players complained.

"Control and goalie animations, sound atmosphere in stadiums, state of the game - these are, among others, were some of the main points of which are the most story and that is why the most critical of these elements will improve and expand. PES 2013", published by Konami.

New features and enhancements in gameplay:PES 2013 is based on the three core components called Konami: PES FullControl, Player ID and AI proactive.

PES FullControl indicates the possibility of a new comprehensive "Manual" control in adding, and shooting on goal, and under the same conditions, the developer states, and even greater freedom of movement in the general movement of the ball.

Foot ID component promises to every player known to have their right moves and animations, as well as convincing attributes. Some players will run just as in real life, and Konami said that the exhibition is dedicated to expand and animation in a way that protects the ball, shoot, and even celebrate a goal. Goalkeepers will also receive this treatment better and truer sound.

Proactive AI has to be smarter computer opponents and team members who will  because of this component behave logically. To some this segment highlights how they collaborated with Konami PES fans who say what is wrong. Special highlights are often criticized to the goaltender in PES 2013 to better respond to different situation

Cristiano Ronaldo is the new face of PES, and the first trailer, which access the below clearly shows the better player component ID - you can see that Ronaldo is a special running pretty faithfully reproduced.

More about the game you need to know in the coming weeks or months, as promised Konami occasionally erupt new videos and screenshots.The release is currently scheduled for autumn this year. The game will be released in versions for PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, PC, PlayStation 2, PSP and 3DS. Well you've noticed - Vita version is not listed.