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 Halo 4 - FREE DOWNLOD FOR XboX 360 + Gameplay


Halo 4 is a game series you can get sucked into from things like its MP and just amazing unfreakingbeleavable campain but to know the story and be fully in touch with the REAL Halo you have to go back to when you first controlled the spine chilling Master Chief or you just may not get the feelings on how Halo has impacted many but if youve followed Halo since its begining in 2001 you know the thrill of being an Uber Spartan and having the ability to weild any weapon you feal like necause you just can so seeing how how Bungie left and handed their star child over to 343 Industries we know its in good hands so Halo 4 is going to be breath taking..... But I wish if they are going to announce a Legendary Edition Pleaase hurry because I want to change to it but either way it is still amazing


 Halo 4 Gameplay



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